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The Enlighten Co. are full operation center providing solutions across the globe. We are one of more respected companies in digital transformation matters. We decide to gather consultancy, services and products in the same spot, thinking on you go further in your company.

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Innovation its our purpose, always.

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The innovation is a continue process. In this decade our society are more virtualized and that is the reason why you need to be more adapted as well. Watch our video and see how you can fit on this new needs.

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Talking about CLM

Dicas para software jurídico

O que é Legal Operations?

Why Enlighten Co.?

We do Better


We are a experienced consultancy in global software solutions


Our products and services are productivity tools for your management and not a mere substitution of you Entreprise Software.


Our products and services are taylor made for you. We guarantee a better experience on the usability of any of ours solutions.


We are a recognized company as a high level of efficiency, controls, mapping, implementation and innovation.


Your technology are a way to do the things easier in your routine tasks but sometimes not the only solution. We understand that.


Our team are specialized in creater digital and operational efficiencies


What our clients says about us

We know the Enlighten effiency regarding legal data treatment and legal operations. We use and we are plenty satisfied with the results. For those companies that need more than a software, but a full service, definately it will be the best choice.

Daniel Araujo

Manager of Corporate Affairs

The Enlighten company discovered the best option through their awesome methods of legal design. The tools indicated reached all needs in a international perspective, so important for the group. You definately could do without Enlighten, but they valuable for companies who need new tools, because they are concerned with a good delivery and quality besides they had a great knowledge in products or services.

Roberto Miller

Head of Legal

The Enlighten company helped a lot to understand and design our digital transformation in legal department. Through consultancy and implementation services was possible to choose a best legal software for us and closer of our operational and cultural needs. I truly recommend Enlighten for the professionalism and dedication to new technologies in legal matters.

Eduardo Hirano

Head of Legal

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Our business was theme of several publications in important newspapers and magazines

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Todo software é uma quase-solução. Nunca é uma solução, pois solução é coisa de gente. Coisa de ser humano. Nós vamos te contar porquê.
É inegável que a inteligência artificial é um assunto sedutor, de aparente facilidade, com o viés de desobstrução de tarefas repetitivas. Esta tecnolo
A Justiça brasileira, em todos seus níveis e jurisdições, tinha, ao final de 2016, um total de 79,7 milhões de processos em tramitação. O número é o ú
A Justiça brasileira, em todos seus níveis e jurisdições, tinha, ao final de 2016, um total de 79,7 milhões de processos em tramitação. O número é o ú

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